Help Campbellford Rotarians clean up on Earth Day

Everyone is invited to don a pair of gloves and gather litter from the sidewalks around Campbellford and along the Trent River on Saturday, April 22, which is Earth Day. 
Garage bags and gloves will be available at the Rotary Hall on Saskatoon Avenue that morning. The clean up event is set to run from 9:30-11:30 a.m. When you are done, bring any garbage collected back to the hall and it will be disposed of by the town.
“Every spring we clean up the worst spots in town, such as along Grand Rd. and the riverbank across from Tim Hortons, beside the Rotary Trail,” said Art Chamberlain, chair of the Rotary Club of Campbellford’s environmental committee. 
“This year our cleanup is part of the third annual international Rotary event called Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. It includes clubs from around the lakes which will pick up litter from beaches and along rivers that flow into the lakes.”
The main items usually collected are coffee cups, beer and pop cans, and many types and bits of plastic, he said.  “It’s great to gather as much as we can to keep all this material out of our waterways and the soil,” Chamberlain said.
For more information call 705.977.3496 or email