The Rotary Club of Campbellford was pleased to run the Spelling Bee at Island Park Retirement Home in Campbellford on January 10th.
We had 7 excellent contestants   Marilyn Vanden Dussen,   Jean Taylor, Dorothy Austin , Teresa Weir, Lois Neshiem, Betty Langford and Chris Whitfield.
The ladies showed their spelling prowess and it was a very competitive competition.   It took over 14 rounds before anyone was eliminated and a total of 32 rounds before the Christine Whitfield was crowned the winner and received the prestigious trophy.
 From left to right:  Rotarian Rob Pope, Winner Christine Whitfield, Judge Kathy Dafoe, and Rotarian/Judge Tom Dafoe.
The Rotary Club of Campbellford along with other local Rotary Clubs will be running spelling bees at the local elementary schools for grades 4 to 8.   In school competitions will take place in May with the winners competing in the finals on June 9th in Belleville.    Practice words will be distributed to the schools in February.