Welcome to the results of our First draw of our newly named "Campbellford Rotary Raffle" (the former "Trip of the Month").
Here are the winners:
$100 Ticket #178 winner was Sandra and John Thain (sold by Paul Thain)
$100 Ticket #171 winner was Kathy and Bob Vieth (sold by Paul Thain)
$100 Ticket #153 winner was Ron Thain (sold by Ken Tully) ...
Is anybody noticing a "Thain" theme here?
$200 Ticket #317 winner was Elise Wardell (sold by Kimberly Hulsman)
$300 Ticket #352 winner was Trudy Nelson (oh... yeah.. sold by you know who - Paul Thain and his Warkworth connections - enough is enough!)
$500 Ticket #209 winner was Hope Lock (sold by Martha Murphy)
$2,000 Ticket #95 winner was Nancy Drummond (sold by Scott Drummond).
Thank you everyone. We are excited to announce that once again this year, we sold out..... even if it did create a hectic past few days!! And did you notice in the photo that we are no longer using the old plastic balls and the tote tank.... it was time to update our system!!